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Victoria BC and Vancouver Island Wedding Venues

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Beach House Restaurant

5109 Cordova Bay Rd, Victoria, BC V8Y 2K1

(250) 658-5224
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Bear Mountain Resort

1999 Country Club Way, Victoria, BC V9B 6R3

(250) 391-7160 


Birds Eye Cove Farm – Cowichan

5881 Genoa Bay Rd, Duncan, BC V9L 5Y6 

(250) 748-6379


Brentwood College

2735 Mt Baker Rd, Mill Bay, BC V0R 2P1

(250) 743-5521

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Church & State Wines

1445 Benvenuto Ave, Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1J5

(250) 652-2671 


Coast Hotel Victoria

146 Kingston St, Victoria BC V8V 1V4

(250) 360-1211


Craidelonna Ocean Edge Lodge

99143 W Coast Rd, Shirley, BC V9Z 1G3

(250) 646-2242

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Craigdarroch Castle

1050 Joan Cres, Victoria, BC V8S 3L5

(250) 592-5323 


Deep Cove Winery

11195 Chalet Rd, North Saanich, BC V8L 5M1


Delta Victoria Oceanpointe Resort

100 Harbour Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 0G1

(250) 360-2999


Fairmont Empress

721 Government St, Victoria, BC V8W 1W5

(250) 384-8111


Fireside Grill

(See our Venue Feature Here)

4509 W Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 5L3

(250) 479-1222

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Hatley Castle

2005 Sooke Rd, Victoria, BC, V9B 5Y2

(250) 391-2666

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View Darren & Ashlyn’s Wedding


Horticulture Centre of the Pacific (HCP Gardens)

505 Quayle Rd, Victoria, BC V9E 2J7

(250) 479-6162 

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View Erin & Steve’s Wedding


Hotel Grand Pacific

463 Belleville St, Victoria, BC V8V 1X3

(250) 386-0450


Inn at Laurel Point

680 Montreal St, Victoria, BC V8V 1Z8

(250) 386-8721 

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Kildara Farms

11293 Chalet Rd, North Saanich, BC V8L 5M1

(250) 655-3093 


Oak Bay Beach Hotel

1175 Beach Dr, Victoria, BC V8S 2N2

(250) 598-4556 

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Olympic View Golf Course

643 Latoria Rd, Langford BC

(250) 474-3673

View L&K’s Wedding


Parkside Hotel

810 Humboldt St, Victoria, BC V8V 5B1

(250) 940-1200 

View Teleza and Bert’s Wedding 


Poet’s Cove Resort

9801 Spalding Rd, Pender Island, BC V0N 2M3

(250) 629-2100


Prestige Hotel Sooke

Sooke, BC V9Z 0V1

(250) 642-0805

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Saxe Point (Public Park)

Esquimalt, BC V9A 6G5 


Sea Cider

2487 Mt St Michael Rd, Saanichton, BC V8M 1T7

(250) 544-4824 

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Sea Lion Estate

Otter Point, BC

(250) 642-3421

View Karli and Brent’s Wedding


St. Anne’s Academy

835 Humboldt St, Victoria, BC V8W 1B1

(250) 953-8829 


Starling Lane Vineyard

5271 Old West Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC V9E 2A9

(250) 479-4769 

View Trina and Mike’s Wedding


Union Club of BC

805 Gordon St, Victoria, BC V8W 1Z7

(250) 384-1151


University Club – UVIC

3800 Finnerty Rd, Victoria, BC V8P 5C2

(250) 721-7935 


Victoria Golf Club

1110 Beach Dr, Victoria, BC V8S 2M9

(250) 598-4321

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