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Frequently Asked Questions

Style & Approach

How do you say "Tulle & Tweed"?

What is your shooting style?

Tulle is pronounced “tool” in most areas. The name comes from the idea of the "fabric" of a wedding, what tells a story and how we wanted to weave a story together for our couples. Both Tulle & Tweed are fabrics.

People consider my style to be a mix of naturally posed and prompted photos and documentary style real life images (that you look your best in, of course. I'll help pick the best locations/light/direction for the most flattering light. My editing is true to colour with a bit of west coast mood thrown in.

What is your experience level?

How much direction will you give us?

I have been photographing professionally since 2011, but before that enjoyed landscape photography and travel photography.

I studied at UVic and obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts. I originally learned film photography before I began using digital cameras. I still use film in my spare time.

I tell my clients that I'll direct them as much as I need to. This means you won't be left to wing it out there on your own. If something is working well, I'll embrace that and let it happen. If it needs adjusting, I'm equally happy to jump in and make whatever changes are needed.

Do you take candid photos?

What if we're awkward or have no experience?

The in-between real life shots are sometimes some of my faves.

I usually keep photographing even when we're in between poses or moments which makes for some great candid photos.

On a wedding day, candid emotions and interactions are something I am always looking for.

Nobody knows what to do with their hands. Awkward moments actually help bring out the most real emotions and reactions in my photos. I'll guide you the whole way through, and have some dad jokes on retainer for the most awkward of moments. No experience is necessary whatsoever.

Booking & Changes

Do you require a deposit?

How far in advance should we book?

To book a portrait session, a $50 non-refundable retainer may be required.

For weddings & elopements, a 40% non-refundable retainer is required to save the date.

For weddings I recommend 12-24 months in advance for prime dates.

For portraits, usually 2-3 weeks in advance is sufficient, or 4 weeks in busy season.

Availability can change any time so reach out for more info.

What if we need to change our date?

How do we book our wedding date?

For weddings/elopements, I generally allow one date change and a one-time transfer of the non-refundable retainer.

If the date is cancelled, the non-refundable retainer will be forfeit.

Your exact cancellation & reschedule policy will be outlined in your wedding photography agreement.

For portrait sessions, transfers/changes are done on a case by case basis.

Step 1 is to inquire about availability and to make sure we're the right fit for each other. I do not accept all booking requests as fit is very important to me.

Step 2 is to pick your package and accept your quote/sign your agreement.

Step 3 is payment of a non-refundable retainer of 40%. Then you're booked!

If you cancel do we get a refund?

Can we add hours on or before the wedding day?

If WE have to cancel your wedding date, we will refund all amounts over the services already rendered. We will also do our best to provide a list of alternate photographers who are available.

It hasn't happened yet, and this would only occur in an extreme emergency.

You can add hours at any time, subject to availability. Rates will be listed in your quote.

For smaller elopements, sometimes we have multiple events in a day. For a larger wedding, in most cases additional hours are not a problem (if the wedding is out of town, we may need to consider accommodations depending on the drive home).

Technical Stuff

What gear do you use?

Are you licensed & insured?

I primarily use Nikon cameras and lenses. Second shooters may use different equipment.

– Nikon D850 Full Frame Body x 2

– Nikon D750 Full Frame Body x 1

– Nikon 24-70mm Lens f2.8

– Nikon 70-200mm Lens f2.8

– Nikon 35mm Lens f1.4

– Sigma 85mm Lens f1.4

– Nikon 105mm Macro Lens f2.8

– Nikon 50mm Lens f1.4

– 2-4 Nikon Flashes

– Holdfast MoneyMaker Strap

I am licensed with my local municipality as a business.

I also hold business insurance & third-party liability insurance.

Can you photograph after dark?

I sure can! I bring artificial light (flashes) to every wedding.

Photography outdoors in the dark may require additional equipment and planning. If this is something you'd like, I'd recommend advising in advance so I can come prepared.

Photographing receptions are usually not a problem with the equipment I bring along. I also bring backup lights as needed.

What if your camera breaks?

I always photograph with 2 cameras so if something malfunctions I have another set of gear ready to go with no downtime.

The Wedding Day

How many hours should we plan for?

Do you travel?

Every photography is different in how they approach a wedding and what their preference is for timings and light.

As a general guideline I recommend:

2-4 hours for elopements (prep - if a priority, ceremony, portraits)

6-10 hours for full day weddings (prep, ceremony, portraits, reception)

I will help you build a photo timeline when you book with me that is realistic and fits your priorities.

Travel in central/southern Vancouver Island and the greater Victoria area is included in most of my wedding & elopement package rates.

Destination or out of town weddings are always welcome and subject to travel costs/transportation & occasionally a daily per diem which will all be packaged together.

What do you wear?

Are the hours consecutive?

Every wedding is a bit different but my outfit is usually something that is as nice as possible, while still comfortable and allows for movement/getting dirty.

For an outdoor elopement, boots/pants/and a jacket is common.

For a standard wedding, I'll try to blend in with guests by going business casual and wearing neutral colours. This could be black pants and a nice top and cardigan or a simple dress with sandals.

Running shoes/jeans/revealing clothing are no-no's.

All hours in your wedding package are consecutive and include travel between locations/meals if applicable.


If you book 6 hours and we begin at 2pm, we would depart at 8pm.

Will you get in the way of our guests?

We will be stuck posing for photos all day?

For crucial parts of the day, I'll get as close as I need to without hindering the view of your guests. Occasionally it's necessary to scoot by them for another angle or vantage point (but it will be done as stealthily as possible). I won't be in your face during the ceremony - this is your day not mine!

Absolutely not. My goal is that you remember your day and don't get stuck performing the entire time. We will spread out the photos so you get to breathe and take it all in. The family photos and the creative portraits are usually the only posed images.

Final Images

How many photos do we get?

Do we get a teaser/sneak peek

For weddings, the photos depends on a few factors:

- The number of hours booked

- The actual events that happen during that timeframe

- The amount of time in between main events (lulls/travel/etc.)

- The other vendors & their needs (videographer, etc.)

You can expect a minimum of 50 images per hour of wedding coverage, but it's usually more than that.

For portrait sessions, your package will include an amount of time for your session & the number of expected/included images.

For weddings & elopements we aim to deliver sneak peeks/teasers within 5-7 days of the wedding. This is usually enough images to tell the story of the day and hold you over until all images are completed.

For portraits, sneak peeks usually will not be provided as it's more efficient to edit them all at once.

Do you edit your own photos?

How long do final edits take?

Yes! I am a control freak and doing my own edits is half of my job as a creative.

My style evolves over time to reflect my preferences, experience and current trends, however my goal is to create timeless images that are not overly processed.

Weddings & Elopements: Varies depending on seasonal workload

The contracted timeframe is 8-16 weeks. Average timeframe is 6-12 weeks.

Portraits: Usually between 2-4 weeks.

How do we get our final photos?

Can you "photoshop that"?

Images will be provided as large JPEG files, downloadable from an online gallery. Images must be downloaded before the gallery expiration (2-3 months).

No prints are included, but prints/wall-art/albums may be ordered from your gallery.

Simple answer, maybe. But I'd rather get it right in camera.

My images are all edited for colour, exposure, contract and style. Occasionally I'll remove blemishes or distracting objects, but I don't edit the way you look or provide air-brushing/digital surgery on you. I like the real stuff.

Can we have all the images you took or the RAW files?

Can I share/print the photos?

Yes, personal usage is provided with all weddings/elopements/portraits (business use is bound by additional terms).

You are welcome to share online, or print them on your own.

No alterations are allowed to the photos.

Only the images I choose for editing will be provided/shown.

RAW files are never provided.


What if you get sick or can't make it?

Can we book a second shooter?

A competent Associate Photographer will be arranged by me if I fall severely ill or cannot make it due to an emergency. The transition will be seamless and that person will be briefed on all communications/priorities, and will shoot in my style.

I will do all of the editing and communication before and after the wedding date.

This will all be outlined in your Wedding Photography Agreement.

Second shooters are available as an add on for most packages if arranged in advance of the wedding.

Some packages include a second photographer.

Can you recommend other vendors?

Do I have to feed you?

I sure can! Check out our Preferred Vendors page for a quick list, but feel free to touch base before booking a vendor to get our take if you'd like a second opinion.

We work with other vendors, including videographers, regularly.

I/We require a standard meal for weddings of over 5 hours of coverage. This ensures we have a short break to eat (30 mins), digest, use the facilities and refuel.

Eating with the guests or in the same room as the guests is customary to ensure no important moments are missed. If this is not possible, we can discuss what works best based on your plans.

We also have a videographer? Is this ok?

Do you photograph other milestones, such as families, maternity, newborns?

Sure is!

When working with a videographer I recommend advising before finalizing your timeline to make sure enough time is provided for both photo/video necessities based on your priorities. Each of us have unique needs on the wedding day.

I'll often touch base with a videographer/team before the wedding to make sure we're all on the same page.

Of course! The need for photos doesn't stop after the wedding day. It's important for your life to be documented. I photograph lifestyle family photos, reunions, maternity & newborn photos, graduations, events & even funerals.

What if it rains?

What if it's windy?

For photo sessions, I am usually flexible with rescheduling due to rain. I usually handle this on a case by case basis. We can also plan for having clear umbrellas or a covered space to photograph if the session is time sensitive.

For weddings, I recommend having clear umbrellas (coloured or patterned umbrellas leave shadows on faces) for those in your wedding party or immediate family. Alternately, you may wish to find an indoor space where your photos can be taken or plan your locations around covered outdoor spaces.

For photo sessions, I am usually flexible with rescheduling due to wind, similar to rain. If the session is time sensitive, it may be ideal to book an indoor backup location (getting permission is important for indoor spaces - some may have additional fees). In home sessions are always an option.

For weddings, we can usually embrace the wind for your couple's portraits. For family photos or wedding party photos, you may wish to find an indoor space where your photos can be taken.

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