Sojourn Pack

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The Sojourn Pack

RAW Presets for LR/ACR

Take back your time with these no-fuss, true to colour presets.

Save the blues & greens, while providing a warm, contrasty & classic style. Works best for underexposed & moody/true to light edits.

Includes 5 core presets with 2 versions each + an editing toolkit designed especially for the Sojourn Pack. Created to be 1-5 clicks for most RAW images.

Presets made for Lightroom Classic CC & Adobe Camera Raw (.xmp files for the newest versions of LR/ACR). Tested on most major camera brands, individual results may vary. Scroll for before & afters. All digital sales are final.

(Also be sure to check out our editing videos on YouTube!)


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$85 CAD

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