Mystic Beach Elopement | Mira & Pearce | Vancouver Island Photographer

Mira & Pearce met on Tinder, but their story is different. Pearce, having just joined the app, didn’t even fill out his profile. For most, that is a huge red flag. For Mira, it was scary, but what scared her more was how attractive she found him; perhaps to attractive for her, she thought. She didn’t swipe right. Her friend however, did it for her! We are so thankful she did. These two are kindred spirits, and the way they chose to marry was their own in every sense of the matter. When they contacted me to see if I would want to be a part of their day, I knew we would be the perfect fit for this adventure elopement.

Mira & Pearce rented an adorable cabin in the woods in Jordan River for their preparations and legal document signing, and enjoyed the morning with Mira’s dad, brother and friend. When we arrived, they were so excited to get things moving. This was despite a torrential downpour, which Pearce referred to as “the perfect day” for their wedding. They embraced their November wedding date wholeheartedly, and were open to whatever the weather gods had in store for us. With umbrellas in tow, we departed for our hike. Neither of us remembered how to get to Mystic Beach and it’s location was certainly elusive. Without cell service, we drove around for a bit trying to find it, with no luck. Just when we thought our luck was out, we came across the entrance to it’s trail in an unmarked parking lot.

We parked, popped some bubbly in their converted VW van and enjoyed cake from the always delicious Ruth & Dean. Once we were hydrated and full of sugar, we started off on our adventure. Hiking through dense old growth forest through hills, mud and ravines, we came to the entrance to this glorious beach after about 45 minutes of hiking (and stopping for random photo opportunities). The view was spectacular and M&P couldn’t help but run across the beach in excitement. Some seals popped their heads out of the water to say hello as we chose the ideal location for their vows to each other. Giving them privacy and distance, I captured their nuptials amid this stunning natural backdrop. To my surprise, once we finished, they darted across the beach then looped back and jumped straight through the waterfall and into their futures together. Sopping wet, we took some more photos on the beach before realizing the time – almost sunset! With a 1 hour hike back up the hill, we said goodbye to the sunset before us and headed off through the forest – Mira in her white dress and the three of us singing to the tune of The Skye Boat Song (aka The Outlander theme song) as we tried to beat the fading light.

“Sing me a song of a lad that is gone,
Say, could that lad be I?
Merry of soul he sailed on a day
Over the sea to Skye.”


Cake: Ruth & Dean

Flowers: Rook & Rose