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I’ve been doing this a while and I have found some really great resources that have helped me grow my business and stay organized. Here’s where I pass those tools on to you!

Some products will have discounts/perks for you from using the links below. In some cases I may get a credit when you use the link a no cost to you.

Questions about the things I use? Get in touch!

17 Hats

I use 17 Hats for all of my client management needs. From first contact, to questionnaires, contracts and payments. It has some great automated workflows so you don’t miss an email, invoice, or follow up.

50% discount on your first year using the link below or the 17Hats promo code kkgwnzkktr.


Backblaze is how I backup all of my sessions. It backs up my entire hard drive/computer to the cloud (unlimited storage, you simply pay per device), and it’s a piece of cake to get your data back if you need it. They will even ship a hard drive if you prefer.

Get 1 month free using the link below which includes the Backblaze promo code.

Imagen AI

Imagen AI has sped up my workflow by allowing me to do base adjustments to my images before I go in for a full edit. Some photographers also use it to edit from start to finish. They also offer culling of images, which I haven’t yet utilized.

Get 1500 free edits (instead of the usual 1000) by using the link below.

Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

I use Adobe Lightroom for the majority of my edits, and hop into Abode Photoshop for object removal and complex retouching. I also use Photoshop for my business needs.

I find the Photography bundle to work great for my needs.


JPEG Mini Pro

I LOVE JPEG Mini. I use it for all of my image compression. Although image compression is built into my gallery platform (below), I find JPEG Mini Pro goes a little further to offer lossless compression and save me hard drive space.


Pic-time is how my clients get their photos. It also houses my storefront for my professional print shop, which is integrated with a bunch of pro print labs around the world. Launch promos, sales, create coupon codes, sell additional images, make slideshows and provide beautiful gallery aesthetics for your clients.

Get one month for free by using the referral link below or by using the code TUAKZX at checkout.