Tips & tricks from a professional photographer who knows a thing or two about those who find the one (being a wedding photographer and all).


Not GoPro, Go PRO. Getting someone else to take photos of you versus having selfies galore, with no interaction and no “realness” is key. All selfies is a red flag to potential matches.

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But not too pro…

There’s a fine balance between professional looking “staged” photos that look like pro headshots, and actual photos of you doing what you enjoy or showing your true colours. Sadly a lot of people fail to create that fine balance by using heavy filters or making images look too fake. I’ve got you!

Keep photos up to date.

Having dated photos is a good way to catfish your dates. Your photos should represent your current look/situation, not someone you really wish you could be from ten years ago. If you gained or lost weight, you need new photos. If you gained or lost a limb, you need new photos. You get the drift.

Think outside the box

That box is your bathroom mirror. Think outside of it. Think about what the type of person you want to nab might want to see in your profile, not what YOU want to see in it.

Include other people

The more you can show people can tolerate you in real life, the better you’re going to do at dating. Include people in your photos. Solo photos over and over are another red flag.

professional photographer victoria bc headshot photography portraits
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Dating sucks. But I can help make it a little less painful and take some of the guess work out of it.

Let’s create some photos that feel genuine to who you are and what you’re looking for. Don’t know where to even begin? Get in touch!