My Story

Hi, I’m Heather Stone!

I'm a full-time wedding, elopement and portrait photographer based in Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC. I'm the Owner of Tulle & Tweed Photography and have been photographing humans (and animals) since 2011. I'm best known for photography that is emotive, honest and that tells your unique story.

My highschool nickname was Art Nerd. Painting, drawing, photography, writing still make my heart flutter. In my spare time you will find me jetting off to places I've never been, writing my travel blog, listening to podcasts (99% invisible, CBC3, Hidden Brain), or surrounded by felines, heated blankets and strong coffee in my favourite place on earth - Victoria!

I'm that girl who has to stop and pet all the fuzzy animals. I wear my oversized giant human heart on my sleeve and you can find me blubbering away behind my camera during vows and speeches. I watch every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette and Married at First Sight and have NO SHAME. I'm also really tall (which usually surprises people).

I'd love to be your friendor, not just your vendor. 

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Photo credit to the amazing Alex Stead Photography in Newfoundland

A Few Fun Facts

  • My Hometown: St. John’s NL (no accent though!)

  • My “Why":  Vulnerability alert. When my sister passed away at 18, I realized we had no real photos together. Being 10 years older than her, everything I knew about who she was came from the photos and stories her friends shared with me. Life is way too fucking short. Do the things. Take the pictures. Worry less. Live more.

  • Fave Food: French toast and pizza with no sauce

  • Fave Drink: Tied between a good coffee porter and actual coffee.

  • Number of animals I parent: 3 (Stella (meow), Winston (baby meow) and Jasper (barkbarkbarkalldaylong)

  • If I was an animal I would be: I think you already know the answer.

  • Something I suck at but love anyway: Painting 

  • Fancy Education: BFA in Visual Art & English from UVIC

Behind the Scenes

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