Your Photographer

Hey Beauties!

Most people believe all photographers are alike, but it couldn't be less true. Your photographer should relax you, get excited about you, and ultimately be there for you on your big day. To us, our relationships with our couples, families and clients is the crucial thing that sets us and our work apart. It allows us to get to know you and your priorities, and capture your day as close to your vision as possible. It allows us to help keep you calm, to help coordinate things when we need to so your day is stress free and runs smoothly, without hesitation or without a blink of an eye. It allows us to roll-with-it, adjusting our focus as needed because we’ve discussed in great detail what memories are most important to you and because we "get you". We often make wonderful friends in the process, and because of that, this is the best job on the planet!

We are based in both Victoria, BC & on Vancouver Island. We travel internationally and we jump, skip and hop at the chance to explore new locations. We would love to meet you and are thrilled you have considered making us a part of your love story. 

Now on to the gushy details…

Best Victoria BC Photographer Heather Stone Tulle & Tweed Photography Vancouver

Im Heather! I have been a camera hoarder most of my life and now have a collection of over 50 of these bad boys. I have a fancy Bachelor of Fine Art from UVic in Victoria BC, however that doesn't tell you much about me. I've been shooting professionally since 2011, I am obsessed with everything wedding related and I love relinguishing myself in tiny moments, so this path made perfect sense after I graduated. I started my business in 2011 and have photographed nearly 200 weddings and have traveled to 11 different countries to date. It is the greatest feeling to be able to do the two things I love the most: Photography & Travel. 

So who am I besides a photographer?

~ I am a “mostly” vegetarian who has a weakness for fish and chips (the cool kids call it pescatarian),

~ I wear my heart on my sleeve and I shamelessly admitted to crying at least once at every wedding,

~ I have an adorable kitten named Stella who is my fur baby and best friend. I will never pass up the chance to pet cats. Cat lady extraordinaire,

~ I paint for fun, not for perfection.

~ Traveling is my fuel. My bucket list is massive. Images are my proof that I have lived without abandon.

~ In 2012, I lost my 18 year old sister in a tragic accident and quickly came to realize we had no photos together. Since then, making memories that last is all that matters to me. Life is too short to not value both the good and the bad, and all of that rawness that comes with it. 

I am what people call an outgoing introvert. I thrive in social situations but love nothing more than reading in bed, or sipping tea and coffee on the couch with Stella. I am clumsy and awkward, but I learned a long time ago to embrace it; in turn my clients feel comfortable and relaxed around me. I am a super planner, but I try hard not to take life too seriously, and I fully understand how it feels to be awkward in front of someone else's camera.