Your Memories

Remember It All

You’ve heard the adage, hindsight is 20/20. We only know after the fact what we could have done differently. We’ve been in your shoes. Having planned a wedding from scratch, in a different country (that I had never been to nonetheless), I could have done a lot of things differently. Hiring someone to set up my chairs rather than doing it myself and saving a few dollars would have been the first redo, along with a lighter dress, a less rushed timeline… the list goes on.

One thing I am so relieved I knew for sure, before ever having become a wedding photographer, was how important preserving the memories from my day through photographs would be. People told me, “All you will have left is a husband, some greeting cards, and your images.” I can’t tell you how glad I am that I followed that wise and truthful advice. There is no redo for your wedding day. Meticulous details are a thrill to arrange and plan, but those won’t be the things you remember from your day. That is the reason your photography should be one of your most important investments. It was one of mine, and although I am no longer married – but still wonderful friends with that awesome guy – I still LOVE my wedding photos.

When I look back, I remember very little from my wedding day. I remember the people (most of them) who took the long trip to show they had our backs. I remember the heat – Caribbean heat is not so forgiving. I remember iguanas. Because of an amazing wedding photographer who understood my vision, my photos help me remember the rest. We’ve both moved on with people more suited to us, but I still show people my wedding photos (just ask and I’ll show you too) and I still love to look back and remember one of the most important and life-changing days of my life.

I want you to remember your day like it was yesterday. 10 months from now, 10 years from now. I want you to open your wedding album when things get tough (things always get tough at some point as marriage takes work), and remember why you chose the wonderful partner you did. I want you to remember the happy tears, the joy, the thrill of starting a life together, those who were there to hold you up and support your decision. I want you to remember it all.



Weddings & Elopements

Wedding Photography Prices Best Photographers in Victoria Vancouver

Your wedding day, whether small or large, is full of thoughtful and elegant details that represent your uniqueness as a couple. Your connection is one of a kind and it is something you want to shine through in your photos for years to come.

We have built our wedding packages to suite the needs of every couple, whether you want to stick with tradition or whether you prefer to dance to your own beat. We shoot weddings of all sizes, all types, and all backgrounds, ALL over the world. 

 Wedding Collections Include:

  • Hundreds of edited high resolution digital images (generally 50+ per hour of coverage)
  • 2 photographers in most full day packages
  • Unlimited travel within 50km on your wedding day (contact us if your wedding is outside of Edmonton or Victoria)
  • Timeline creation & customization 
  • A complimentary Engagement Session prior to your wedding in most packages, so we can let those nerves escape prior to your big day 

Our packages range from $2150-5250 and can be fully customized, including a-la-carte hourly rates. Most couples invest between $3500-4500 in their wedding photos & engagement photos. Destination & multi-day weddings are negotiated on an individual basis..

Engagements & Couples

An engagement session is a fantastic way for us to get to know each other, for you to get a feel for what it is like to be in front of our cameras, and to work out any concerns or insecurities before the big day. Our engagement sessions are lifestyle in nature, meaning we carefully curate our shots, but they are meant to reflect your natural connection and what actually exists in reality. We encourage making them individually you by including props, locations or outfits that are reflective of your relationship and your personalities. We love shooting both outdoors and in our client's homes for a more romantic and intimate feel. 

Sessions Begin at $450 and include:

  • 30+ Edited High Resolution Digital Images for download
  • A shareable gallery for friends and family to download or view your images
  • 1 hour session on at a location of your choosing
  • Please contact us if booking with a wedding photography package, as many packages include the engagement session complimentary

Lifestyle Sessions – Family // Maternity // Newborn

Lifestyle sessions include but are not limited to family portraits, newborn, and maternity sessions. We photograph all types of portraits, and much like our weddings and engagements, the images are natural and realistic, however we carefully curate the setups so we get the best composition, backgrounds and reactions possible. As a result we do minimal posing, and encourage our clients to simply "be themselves". We value the authenticity that shines through in lifestyle photography, rather than static or stiff imagery. 

Sessions begin at $450 and include:

  • 30+ Edited High Resolution Digital Images for download
  • A shareable gallery for friends and family to download or view your images
  • 1 hour session on at one location of your choosing. Additional time may be purchased to accommodate multiple locations, however we find 1 hour is generally more than sufficient for the majority of our clients.
  • Rates include up to 6 people for family/lifestyle sessions. Additional people may incur an additional surcharge. 

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir and Glamour photography is something many of our couples do as a wedding gift, anniversary gift, or that our clients simply do for themselves. The experience is fun, safe and inclusive. Our images are tasteful, classic and flattering - never overtly sexual or evocative in nature. We have worked with women of all shapes, sizes and ages and love giving our clients a professional and comfortable space in which they can feel romantic, attractive and desirable. 

Marathon sessions begin at $500 (private sessions also available) and include:

  • 30+ Edited High Resolution Digital Images for download
  • A password protected shareable gallery
  • 1 hour session in studio (+$) or at your home (studio availability may vary)
  • The option to have a professional hair and makeup artist style you for the shoot (additional fee applies) or you may supply your own