Frequently Asked Questions


The biggest question we get, how do you say "Tulle" and what does your company name represent?

We get this question a lot. That might be an understatement ;) Tulle is pronounced "tool" in most areas. Our name was something that had a lot of meaning for us. It started when thinking of the fabric of a wedding, what tells a story and how we wanted to weave a story together for our couples. Our focus and a lot of our work is based around weddings, so Tulle & Tweed Photography was born. Tulle being a light and airy wedding dress fabric that flows freely and Tweed being a classic but distinguished and timeless fabric for many men's suits back in the day. Put them together and you get our photographic style: airy, natural, full of motion with a mix of classic portraiture and timeless posing mixed in.


Who is the “We” behind Tulle & Tweed Photography?

It takes a village - when saying “We”, it refers to the team of wonderful people who make Tulle & Tweed Photography what it is today. Your primary shooter will generally be Heather Stone, however depending on the event, there may be business partners, assistants or second shooters, as well as others who help with branding, editing, and holding a reflector from time to time. At Tulle & Tweed Photography, we encourage learning and teaching. Occasionally, a student will be a part of our team to learn the ropes as well.


How far in advance should I book my wedding and how do I secure my date?

Couples who value the decision of who will help capture their special day should book their photographer at least 12 months in advance of their wedding date. Ideally, you should book your photographer immediately after securing your date (whether or not you have a venue in mind, or other details planned). We book a limited number of weddings each year and we hate turning away brides and grooms who support us and love what we do, so the earlier the better! To secure your date, a 30% non-refundable retainer is required, as well as completion of our wedding agreement. 


How many weddings do you do a year?

We like to have time to dedicate to each and every couple we work with and want to make sure your experience is top notch. As a result, we try to limit our weddings to 20 per year, depending on the dates and duration of each wedding.


Do you travel or shoot destination weddings?

We will travel anywhere worldwide for our amazing couples. We are always seeking new corners of the world to explore. We photograph elopements and destinations, as well as locations throughout Canada and the United States. London, New York, and Hawaii are currently on our wedding bucket list! 


What if you get sick or otherwise can't make it on my big day?

Emergencies do unfortunately happen in everyone's lives. If we cannot make it on your big day, we provide an alternate photographer with equal experience who knows how to shoot the way we do. Even in the case of emergencies, we try to do everything possible to make sure we are the ones capturing your wedding. Barring a serious emergency, we will be there! If we cannot, the transition to a different photographer is seamless and does not require any additional planning or time on your end. We still take care of all of your editing, image delivery, etc. We will handle it. To date we have not missed one wedding out of 100+.


Did you go to school or have formal training in photography?

I have a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of Victoria, British Columbia where I focused in Photography and English. In addition, I have taken various workshops and courses which continually teach me more about perfecting my craft. Nothing beats getting out there and shooting as much as we can, so we try to expand our portfolios consistently to bring you fresh, current photos and skills. 


Do you shoot family photos, newborns, or other styles of portrait photography?

Although weddings and engagements are our specialty, we offer various types of lifestyle sessions. Please contact us if you would like details about lifestyle family, newborn, senior or editorial sessions.


Do you offer photography lessons?

Occasionally we will do one-on-one teaching sessions with our clients to show them the ropes of taking a good photograph. If you are seeking instruction on the use of your camera, how to compose a good photograph, etc, please get in touch.


Do you shoot RAW or JPG?

We shoot raw images, however all of the images you will receive will be hard copy prints or high resolution JPG files to make it easy for you to view them and print them on your own.


How long do you keep my images?

Your photographs will generally be kept for one year following your shoot as a courtesy. After final delivery, your photos become your responsibility so we recommend backing up your photos on USBs, in the cloud, by printing or by creating albums. 


What happens to all of the other photos you took during our shoot? Will we get all of the images you took?

We carefully select the best of the best for your gallery, proofs and albums. We take a lot of duplicates during your shoot, to ensure we don't get closed eyes, motion blur, or a gust of unexpected wind, so many of these photographs are simply duplicates. We do not provide our second best images, third best and so forth to our clients due to the high standard of quality we uphold. As a result, only the images carefully selected by the photographer and edited to meet our style will be shown to our clients. You will receive all photos that are considered usable, fully edited with colour, density, and exposure correction. The remainder are unusable and will be deleted.


Do you give us all of the edited files?

Edited files are included in most of our packages. Please get in touch for more information. 


Why aren't your rates posted on your website?

Every single wedding we have ever done has been unique. Although we have set packages, we like to speak with our couple's about their needs, wants and vision before providing a custom quote. All of our packages can be customized and a-la-carte pricing is also available.

If you are on a budget, we may have an associate photographer who can take care of your needs, or we can certainly recommend other photographers with great reputations. 


Who will my second shooter be?

The second-shooter provides a second set of eyes for your big day and the people we choose are screened for experience, style and personality. Depending on the location and date of your wedding, your second-shooter may vary, therefore we do not list a specific person as a second-shooter in your agreement.


Can I second-shoot for you or assist?

If you are interested in being a second-shooter or assistant for us, please e-mail a CV of your experience, as well as a link to a portfolio of your work. We are always looking to network with both established and up-and-coming photographers and assistants. We hire these positions on contract for individual events and sessions.


Can my aunt, sister, uncle, grandpa, second cousin three times removed follow you on my wedding day and take photos?

We encourage family to take photographs throughout the day of your wedding to ensure you get a variety of images from your day, however in order to do our job the best we can, we ask that any additional photographers attending as guests ensure they are not directly affecting the outcome of the photographs you have invested in financially. We work hard to ensure your day goes flawlessly (whether this involves coordinating between vendors, family members for formal photographs, and the bridal party throughout the day), so we try to avoid any additional factors that prevent us from doing our job the way you have hired us to. As a result, many couples have decided to have an "unplugged" ceremony to ensure tablets, phones, and unwanted extra flash and lenses don't make it into our professional shots. We encourage couples to consider having a technology free wedding and leave the rest up to us. If you are considering having an unplugged wedding or ceremony, let us know and we can guide you in creating the right environment to do so.


Have additional questions? Get in touch! We are happy to help however we can.